One of the most popular steel shafts on tours all around the globe, the Nippon N.S. Nippon MODUS3 Shafts Review - July, 2018 Update. Pro Modus 3 Tour 120 Iron Shaft Set. Nippon N.S. PRO MODUS³ PROTO ST in 2010 and was put in play immediately. The N.S.PRO Modus 3 is a new steel iron shaft series designed for professionals and serious amateurs alike. As evidence begins to mount, possible leads emerge in relation to President Helen Tyler's disappearance, but Schifford insists … The PROTO ST was in the winning bags of eight professionals since it’s launch and became the second most popular MODUS³ irons shafts on tour, just behind the N.S. A slightly softer butt and mid tip section provides exceptional feel, while a much firmer tip than typical steel shafts suppresses unwanted spin. July 18th, 2018 By Dan Sueltz ... 2018! Pro 950 GH and the MODUS3 TOUR 120 COMPARING THE NIPPON NS PRO 950GH with MODUS. The firm sections of the Pro Modus 120 keep it stable throughout the swing while the soft gives you a little more trajectory and a decent amount of spin. PRO MODUS³ Tour 120. Nippon Shaft introduces the new Modus3 Tour 120 iron shafts. PRO MODUS³ Tour 105 was first brought out to tour as the N.S. And, Andrew Landry played the Modus3 Tour 105X in his Ping iBlade 3-PW to claim victory at the 2018Texas Valero Open. 모듀스 tour 105 s 7번 기준 cpm은 약 320~325 정도 나옵니다 ' modus tour 120 샤프트 무게와 강도' 모듀스 샤프트 중에서 가장 많이 사용되는 120 샤프트 입니다. The LZ was mostly available new and shaft pulls were hard to find. 2nd Place (Tour 120X), T3 (Tour 120 TX), and T5 (Tour 130 X) at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, and 3 T5 finishers in Malaysia (Tour 105 X, Tour 125 X, and Proto X). Modus title and escrow provides a human-centered real estate experience, making home purchase and sale a delightful and empowering moment in people’s lives. Very great feeling. The move to the PGA Tour is a logical step in the evolution of Nippon Shaft - the world's best shafts should be showcased weekly in … High quality Nippon golf shaft product details for N.S. N.S.PRO Regio Formula+; N.S.PRO MODUS 3 … Extremely smooth. Invar suggests he and Inger team up to track down the mole in the Swedish police force, but Warren Schifford does his best to frustrate their efforts. SKU: N/A Categories: Nippon Modus Tour 120. Clear. This brought me to the Tour 130’s brother, the Nippon NS Pro Modus Tour 125, which are designed to have more of a mid launch, spin, and trajectory. modus 3 tour 120 The shaft profile is rigid in the butt and mid section, but somewhat softer toward the tip section. It was easier finding Modus 120 shaft pulls reasonably priced than the LZ's. I know this thread is about 125/130 but I have a set of Modus 120 S sitting in my garage waiting for a project after I pulled them for the Roddios. Nippon Shaft has revolutionized the golf game, making its shafts the defining component of the ultimate obsession. 표를 보면 아시겠지만.. x 플렉스가 겨우 무게가 120g 나오고.. s 스펙은 114g 밖에 나오지 않습니다 Nippon Shafts have become a very popular choice for top tour players and they are known for consistent performance and feel. They do spin a bit more then S300s i find. Pro series features exceptional balance and control with its ultra-lightweight design making it comparable to graphite shafts. The Modus3 started as a prototype for PGA tour players and are now available for … I didn't care too much for the 125s. Re: Modus3 120X vs Dynamic Gold TI X100 Never hit the X versions but I've hit the S300 and Modus 120 S. The 120 S are phenomenal shafts.