We’re looking at three of the best today, Ancestry.com, MyHeritage, and 23andMe. The field of DNA testing is fairly new, but there are definitely already some leading players in the market.

Clicking on the View DNA results link led me to their site.

A few days later the ‘ 1-2 days’ has vanished and it says, that my “Dna results are not available yet “. According to their website, MyHeritage DNA’s test takes an average of three to four weeks to process your results after you mail it back in. I was interested in comparing the results and seeing what MyHeritage, the new DNA kid on the block, was going to provide. The autosominal DNA results also point to a strong link to these areas. MyHeritage is now offering a DNA kit for just $39 as part of its special Mother's Day Sale I know the ethnicity results from the various DNA companies vary. Processing time. In this review, we explore what you get with a MyHeritage DNA kit. All three have a great reputation for providing accurate and interesting results about your history and health using DNA saliva tests which you can do from the comfort of your own home. The other thing that makes me suspicious of the results is that it only took less than 2 weeks to get the results, even though within days of the results they posted that my results would take 3-6 weeks and that they wouldn't be ready until mid-end of January to early February.

The first email I got was yesterday morning. Once I sent in DNA samples, my Web-based results arrived in just a few weeks. I uploaded my 23andme results to myheritage a week ago. Discrepancies with Amount of Shared DNA for Close Family Matches at MyHeritage I was previously aware that there are some issues with the more distant matches on MyHeritage DNA , so I have been advising caution about using those in genealogical research, but was more confident about the close family matches. So if you’re in a hurry, MyHeritage DNA is the better pick. ... My results say that 45 percent of my heritage came from people living in … Winner: MyHeritage DNA. This time it shows I am spanish (iberian) but it also added new ethnicities that weren't on the first results (finish, greek, scandinavian and balkin) and removed some that were (italian). I just got the results and they are substantially different than my first my heritage DNA kit taken 2 months earlier. MyHeritage, one of the first and biggest names in DNA testing kits is a great place to start if you're looking for answers about your ethnic background, family tree, or long-lost relatives. So this was going to give me my ethnicity make-up. I have emailed them twice asking if they could tell me when my results, but I … It said, that my results would be processed in 1-2 days. AncestryDNA estimates six to eight weeks. Keep in mind, though, that these are just estimates.