I’m very seriously considering adding a Lorier watch to my collection. Lorier did not skimp on the amount of lume applied Options. However I’m having trouble deciding which one to snag, so I’d love to hear your opinions. If you'd like both watches and everything as described, they're both yours for $ 8 2 5 [SOLD] Baltic and Lorier extra pics and timestamp. Note: The Neptune II is currently out of stock, but word is the next gen Neptune III should arrive in late May. The V2 ships with a watch roll and what appears to be a NATO, where the original shipped in a case that can be used to … Hey gang. January 17, 2019. Lorier Neptune pictures and timestamp. Share this story: Though the brand is less than a year old at the time of writing this review, Lorier has made quite the name for themselves in the micro-brand watch world. New to selling on this sub but been a lurker for the longest time. I’ve only done one transaction as a buyer and I’m sorry but I only have that one bit of feedback. Know that according to the Lorier Instagram those will be priced at $499.. Lorier Watches is the product of Lorenzo and Lauren Ortega who wanted to fill a void they saw in the watch market by creating watches that they wanted to wear. Lorier Neptune Version II This is a good thing IMO because the original featured quite a lot of space between the dial and bezel (see first photo). I don’t generally like divers, but these watches really do it for me. Review: Lorier Falcon. So when they announced the Hydra - which feels to me far more unique than the Neptune - I preordered. Lorier Hydra After seeing the significant love that Lorier's first dive watch, the Neptune, was getting, my curiosity was piqued.

It definitely has it's own identity.

Other Watch Brands > Other Watch Brands Forum > Lorier Neptune 2 Page 1 of 2 1; 2 64Wing Aug 7, 2019. Lauren and Lorenzo seem genuine and the watch doesn't try to tick every box, meaning it comes out as more cohesive and inspired. Again, while Lorier doesn't have LONG brand history, I think a watch from a true watch-nerd husband and wife duo who by every account I've seen are good people has GOOD brand history. Their catalog currently consists of three models: the Falcon sports watch (also available in a gold PVD version); the Hydra diver; and the the Neptune diver (soon to be restocked on the company’s website).

Lorier is a young boutique watch brand founded by husband-and-wife team Lauren and Lorzeno Ortega and based in New York City. Words By Zach Weiss. At this price point, the Neptune is competing with other watches that might offer a sapphire crystal/exhibition caseback, among other favorites, but Lorier Watches has accomplished their mission in offering a vintage inspired watch, with vintage specs, with a very solid execution at an affordable price.